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Guidelines - Battle of the Beards WI Holmen Area Rotary



The contest is open to any adult of legal drinking age in Wisconsin (IDs may be checked), with an entry fee of $20 per contestant per category, payable before the contest begins.

The contest facility will likely have zero or minimal space and privacy for beard grooming and styling during the contest.

Organizers reserve the right to end registration for any and all categories at any time before the contest begins in the unlikely event that the number of contestants approaches contest capacity.

Contest officials/judges are the final arbiters of the category for which each contestant qualifies and for determining the contest winners. Argument with or disrespect of contest officials/judges and discourteous behavior with other contestants, audience, or facility staff will result in disqualification without return of entry fee. This is a charity event.

By registering, contestants give permission to contest organizers that contestants may be photographed and/or videotaped and that organizers may use photographs and video for contest and organization marketing purposes. Any contestant not agreeing to this must notify organizers in writing before contest begins.

Any contestant not appearing promptly when called to the staging area will be disqualified.

In the unlikely event that circumstances require it, organizers reserve the right to make and announce rule changes any time before the contest begins.

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